domingo, 27 de octubre de 2019

European day of languages

For the European day of languages (26th of September) we have done different activities:

- In 1st and 2nd de ESO the bilingual teacher of Physics and Chemistry, Manuel Caro taught the students a little bit about the United Nations. He used in class presentations about the topic.

- In Latin in third ESO they created a Europe map with four latin words translated in different languages

And in Latin the student of 4th ESO also created a tree with the roots of all languages:

In L1 the students worked in different classes posters of poetic texts of every Spanish official language as well as poets and flags:

In English (L2) The students created beautiful posters with the shapes of their hands drawn with different flags of European countries writing common  sentences in different languages:

In L2 (English) in different classes, we have done a mini project playing with the letter of our first names. They had to choose one letter of their name and find countries beginning with them. Then they had to say in one language a food they liked, in another a greeting and in a third one how to say friendship:

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