jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

Our etwinning projects

"Rebeca is an angolan girl who is living Lisbon’s pediatric hospital for 2 years now, with no hope of being discharged. She has an inoperable tumor in the base of her brain and she is now paralyzed from the neck below and no logger breathes on her own. She will only get worse. Nevertheless, she is a hard working student, who loves to learn, as she attends classes in the hospital every day, and gladly follows the indications of her school teachers, from a school in Lisbon. She will be 14 on January 8th and her classmates would very much like to make her an unforgettable surprise, and they count on you to help them: they would like to flood her hospital room with birthday cards!"

Some students of our school are participating in this school. Here is a nice example from a student of 4th ESO

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2nd Bach Philosophy

1st Bach Philosophy

4th Geography and History

4th ESO Philosophy

4th ESO Physical Education

3rd ESO Physical Education

3rd ESO Physics and Chemistry

3rd ESO Biology and Geology

2nd ESO Visual Art

2nd ESO Mathematics

2nd ESO Physics and Chemistry

Contents in rbenit68.wikispaces.com

Unit 1

1st ESO Physical Education

1st ESO Biology and Geology

1st ESO Geography and History