domingo, 10 de diciembre de 2017


The English Department is working on an etwinning project which consists in studying a work of art and interpreting it in a mannequin challenge. Every term we choose one painting and we share our work with students from other European countries. Our students love the idea . Here you can see a presentation of those done during  this term. PLEASE VOTE ONE!

domingo, 12 de noviembre de 2017

Project Erasmus+ 's blog

Here we have a link for the blog created to disseminate the practice of our bilingual and L2 (English) teachers abroad
Learning from Europe

Christmas Card exchange with students of Farel College in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands

The Department of English of IES Punta del Verde has organised an exchange of Christmas Cards with the Dutch school Farel College. Our students will exchange Christmas Cards with the Dutch students. We have another project with the Dutch school, email exchange. This will be the third year. We hope to organise for next year an exchange of students too.

viernes, 9 de junio de 2017


For the third time, our school has participated in the "24 muestra de teatro escolar " in Alameda theatre. This year  and directed by the English teachers Pilar Romero and Juan Montes ,we have performed "Treasure Island" . It has been a success and ,most important ,our students have learnt a lot. Thank you to the bilingual (ANL) teachers and the teachers of special needs  for helping us organise this important event. We will come back next year with another play

Goodbye Ian Morris

Last night most of the teachers of the bilingual team got together to say goodbye to our language assistant, Ian Morris. We had a very good time together and we exchanged presents. It has been a pleasure working with Ian after three years. We hope he comes back to Seville.

martes, 7 de marzo de 2017

Day of working woman

Wednesday 8th of March is the international women's day, Let's listen to this song to celebrate this day. Pay attention to the lyrics.

Watch this video and you will learn a lot about the history of the working woman

jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017

English Students visit IES Punta del Verde

Last Tuesday 21st of February a group of six students from the English school Wath Comprehensive school near Sheffield, visited our school. They learnt about our educational system and all the educational levels which we have in our school. They participated in a PE class with our bilingual students of 4th ESO, they also attended a bilingual class of IT in which the students demonstrated their new apps. These students are doing the level equivalent to our 2nd Bachillerato, They are the only ones that learn Spanish in their school, that's the reason of their one-week trip. So they also attended a class of second Bachillerato and 1st ESO in which the students asked a lot of questions in English and they answered in Spanish . It was a very good experience which undoubtedly we would like to repeat in the future.