lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2023



Last week of June 2023 a group of 16 students from 3º de ESO and two teachers from the English department were for one week in Sharples school in Britain . It was an amazing week in which our British friends opened the doors of their school and showed us what it is like to live and work in Bolton . Our students were not hosted by British families as there were issues with the British families but they were matched with a British student with whom they attended lessons and participated together in activities. Here are some of the activities we did while in England: 

  1. travelled in double-decked school buses to get to the school 

                2. tour around the school premises

                3.-attended different lessons with our British friends

                4.-school trips to Lake district and Liverpool

                5.-Pizza dinner and lunch with our British friends 

                6.-Visited a local business: a farm

 It was a very busy week for everyone but our students , after one week realised they could undestand British accent  and of course put into practice everyhing learnt . 

We had already received the British students in April 2022 but because of the high number of students visiting, 60, it was impossible to do activities in the school .Besides we still had the looming shadow of COVID very near . ,Our headmaster had also  serious concern to mix our students with the foreign visitors . I hope we can do better next time. I'm sure of it!

  Anyway we thank Catherine Liddy for all the effort made and for giving all of us the opportunity to go to England. Our relationionship with Sharples School dates back to 2017 , when we started an email project . It is also great to discover that Spanish is learnt in England and that Sharples school has such an interest  in us . Thanks for everything. Next year we will go back . Here are some pictures of our week . 

martes, 14 de febrero de 2023

Saint Valentine 2023- Multidisciplinary activity



Today we have celebrated Saint Valentine's day at IES Punta del Verde. It has been a multidisciplinary task in which everyone has done their bit.  Students have had a great time, they have practised languages and most important they have learnt new things in a different way. 

 1.- Drama Students recorded a video  saying "I love you "in different languages. Then they said it aloud doing a love gesture

Manolo Caro, our bilingual teacher of Physics and Chemistry

3.- Bilingual  History : Projects about Love in History, Historical couples and kings marriages

4.- Bilingual Physics and Chemistry
 Love poems using elements of the periodic table

5.-Bilingual Arts: The students created origami hearts with a message

6.- Bilingual Maths : Some poems with clear reference to Maths terms

7.-Bilingual Biology : project about mating in animals. An exhibition was prepared and then L2 teachers worked with vocabulary learnt in Biology . Crosswords were completed in English lessons


8.- Latin : apart from participating actively in the reading of poems , students have created projects about mythological couples : 

9.- French: Our students of French have read poems in French , they have also created acrostic poems and hearts with messages

10 .- English. Our students have read poems of love , they have also done projects about love songs.  For students of Bachillerato we have organised a writing contest with a very interesting prize: a dinner for two. Our younger students have also written acrostic poems with the word LOVE